myDividends24 App Portfolio Tracker Aktienkalender


With the myDividends24 Dividend App you can access the latest dividend data of over 3000 stocks from the most important indices such as DAX, S&P 500, Dow Jones and many more.

myDividends24 App Portfolio Tracker Aktienkalender

More than 20000 downloads

4.2-stars rating


myDividends24 App Portfolio Tracker Aktienkalender

Mit der myDividends24 Dividenden App können Sie auf die aktuellsten Dividendendaten von über 2000 Aktien aus den wichtigsten Indizes wie DAX, S&P 500, Dow Jones u.v.m zugreifen.


More than 20000 downloads

4.2-stars rating

Free Features myDividends24

You get the most important content free of charge in the myDividends24 app

Dividend calendar

With the dividend calendar you can keep track of when you will receive dividends and in what amount. This means you are always up to date.

Current dividend data

The dividend app is fed in the background from four different databases. Therefore, the dividend calendar always reliably guarantees the latest dividends.

Personal portfolio tracking

Track your personal share portfolio now via the myDividends24 app to get all data at a glance.


With the import function, you can now import your portfolio and CSV files easily and uncomplicatedly. 

Premium features myDividends24

You get this content for just £49.99 per year in the Premium subscription

Finance calculator

In addition, our dividend app offers you a dividend calculator. With this feature you can calculate your dividends and estimate the yield.

Tax Consideration

Recently, it has also been possible to have the taxes in your respective country taken into account in the myDividends24 app.


In the myDividends24 app, it is also possible to track several custody accounts at the same time thanks to multi-deposit tracking.

Dividend News

Get the latest info and news from the world of dividends. This way you can always stay up to date and keep an eye on current trends.

Reviews myDividends24

 This is what users have said about our app 

Super Dividenden-Kalender
Super Dividend Calendar
30 Titel Tomi
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Just the right thing for an overview of dividend payments and completely sufficient. Very reliable so far.
Klasse App für eine Übersicht, ...
Great app for an overview, ...
Vincent Traube
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... what dividends actually come in. The calendar in particular is ingenious. The app is still fairly new and new functions are being added all the time. Seen at AktienmitKopf and found to be good.
Sehr gute und Nützliche App
Very good and useful app
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Practical and useful, very good!
Ich finde die App hilfreich, ...
I find the app helpful, ...
Domi H.
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... useful and clear. You have to remember that the app is brand new and is constantly being improved. There is even the possibility to contact them directly via WhatsApp to report problems or make suggestions.
Super App. ...
Great App. ...
Daniel Olumee
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... Otherwise I always had to calculate everything manually and google it. Here I can see everything at a glance and know exactly when dividends will arrive. Top 👍
Super Übericht
Super review
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If you want to have a quick overview of your upcoming dividend payments, this is exactly the right place. TOP!
Tolle App
Great App
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I give it 5 stars: the app is constantly improving and feedback is really welcome. I have an overview of my portfolio including news for each share (my highlight, no more searching forever) and of course the dividend overview. I had problems with the subscription and they really helped me within half an hour. Respect for that. For me, the price is absolutely okay at the moment. Now also with import via CSV
Das Problem wurde gelöst alles funktioniert jetzt. ...
The problem has been solved and everything works now. ...
Ruven Bergmoser
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... A great overview, also with the calendar for the months. With the calendar you can see very clearly when and how much is distributed. A transfer from the broker directly to the app would be great, because it is very time-consuming to enter everything by hand, when you bought a share, how much and at what price. Apart from that, there's nothing to complain about. Thank you for the app. With kind regards.
Finde die App ist super übersichtlich ...
I think the app is super clear ...
Die Welt Reddits
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... and makes it super easy to keep track of its dividends. I can only recommend it to everyone.
Depot in verschieden Währungen fehlt
Depot in different currencies missing
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I like the app very much, the UI is simple and easy to use. What is missing is the possibility to set up each custody account in a different currency. If I choose €, then all securities accounts are in € or in another selected currency. Please add this in the next update.
Sparplan Depot Forecast möglich
Savings plan deposit forecast possible
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Hi dear team, I have been able to add my shares that I save via savings plans wonderfully. What I haven't seen yet is whether there is a forecast for my portfolio. Similar to the "calculator" but not for a single share, but for my portfolio. I would find it cool if it showed which dividends my portfolio could bring in the future.
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Simple, clear, chic and useful. The timeliness of the data is constantly monitored and adjusted. I am currently still using the free version.
Das ist die erste App ...
This is the first app ...
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... I feel compelled to write a review. I love this app. It has all the features I want even though it's fairly new. Have found all the stocks/tickers I was looking for so far. The user interface looks good and is very user friendly and self explanatory. To sum it up: Good Job 🙂
Finde die Kalenderfunktion ...
I find the calendar function ...
Daniel Weiss
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... divided after months top. EDP has now been deposited quite quickly. However, I now have a new tablet, do I have to enter the data again?
Gute Ergänzung
Good addition
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Most of the financial apps I know lack information about dividends, which is why this app is a great addition. I would like to see the portfolio with the losses/gains as well. After all, you have entered all the data. In addition, you could add such gimmicks as dividend share of profit. But maybe something like that will come, I would even pay something for it.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann
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I am really positively surprised by the app. I had already tried similar apps, unfortunately there were even fewer shares and ETFs available. There are still a few things missing like DEKA ETFs etc. but otherwise you can really build a great dividend calendar and you know what's happening. The simple and understandable display is also nice.
Stürzt leider noch häufig ab, ...
Unfortunately still crashes frequently, ...
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... but 5 stars for the idea alone! As soon as the crashes become less, I'll give it 5/5.
Super App, auf dem Weg zur absoluten Nummer eins!
Super app, on its way to becoming the absolute number one!
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I have tested and tried out a lot of financial apps in recent years and have always been disappointed. Here it is the other way round, I am positively surprised! Very friendly customer service, dividend values are updated quickly and new values are also integrated into the database. This is great, keep up the good work! [...]
Unglaublich wie gut die App ist. ...
Unbelievable how good the app is. ...
Michael Reicher
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... Download it for free and invest 10 minutes in browsing around.
Top Übersicht !
Top overview !
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With the app you have a very good overview of your dividend payments! Very simple and straightforward, I like it very much! Unfortunately I could not find the Lang&Schwarz share. But I hope that the database will be expanded
Famose App
Famously app
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Long sought, finally found. The competition should be green with envy: Intuitive to use, up-to-date, regular improvements, very fast, friendly support, and the visual implementation is simply successful. Keep it up ...!
Tolle App, weiter so!
Great app, keep it up!
B (Mann)
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First of all, thank you! I like this app very much. It does what it is supposed to do for me: It motivates me to invest in divide values in a more targeted way ...and doesn't get on my nerves with advertisements One-two tiny little things are still missing for me, though: tax allowances, final withholding tax and withholding tax. Yes, ok, I know that this is a board. But on the other hand, it would be a real unique selling point.
Ein paar Dinge könnten noch besser werden
A few things could still be better
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I've had the app for a few days and so far I'm thrilled. A few small things could be improved, e.g. I haven't figured out yet how to enter partial sales without deleting the share. Keep it up!
Smarte App
Smart App
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Very smart app with a lot of potential. Been waiting for a dividend structuring option for a long time. Thanks to the development team
auf jeden Fall brauchbar
Definitely usable
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and beautifully clear
Das macht ja süchtig ...
It's addictive ...
Elif Kiel
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... Of course, there is room for improvement, but you are on the right track! Great idea design If many join in, it's a great app, everything at a glance You definitely have to grow 🥳 Discovered you at Kolja 😊 Best regards Elif
Gut aber ausbaufähig
Good but expandable
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You must be able to enter savings plans
Top Kundenservice
Top customer service
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Missing shares are added when contacting the customer service via WhatApp. TOP
noch im Aufbau befindlich, ...
still under construction, ...
Lars Weikert
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... But feedback is gladly and gratefully accepted
Leider noch einige Bugs und inhaltliche Schwächen
Unfortunately still some bugs and weaknesses in content
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I subscribed to the app today and find it basically well structured and visualised. Regarding the following two issues, I would like to receive information or an update: 1) After adding new securities accounts, however, no shares can be included; unfortunately, the button does not work. (With the first depot it worked smoothly; from the 2nd depot onwards the share entry is on strike). 2nd) Deposits can be deleted but not edited by name. [...]
Cleanes Interface, Ausbaupotential
Clean interface, expansion potential
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The interface of the app is very commendable. It is clear and easy to use. The support is super nice and responds very quickly to questions and problems that might arise when using the app. There is a lot of potential for more features and more available shares, the underlying systems are already great. All in all, it's exactly the app I wanted to track my dividends reliably and that's why I'm giving it 5 stars.
Top für Dividendenjäger
Top for dividend hunters
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I find the app absolutely super, I'm happy to open it every time and see how much dividend I still get, it's super user-friendly and clearly laid out, I'm happy to pay a tenner a year here.
Schöne App mit viel Potenzial
Beautiful app with a lot of potential
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I find it a very successful app and the data really useful. The subscription model has already been criticised often enough, so let's see what the theme comes up with. Otherwise, here are my suggestions for improvement...keep up the good work! I am still very enthusiastic, I have now been able to enter all my shares (except for Fairtrade and Orion Office REIT (already reported)). Find the design beautiful and appealing [...]
Praktische und überdurchschnittliche App
Practical and above-average app
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Looks good and has almost all the important dividend stocks. It is easy to use and it is easy to enter many stocks. You can see your personal dividend yield per share and over the entire portfolio. Super support for questions!
Wirklich gut
Really good
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Really good
Bester Support
Best support
Sven Mößmer
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Best support
Super App
Great app
Volker Antweiler
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Great app
Sehr übersichtliche App...
Very clear app...
Kevin Scott
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... and gives a good overview of the dividends received in the year.
Geo rg
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Für Dividendenjäger ...
For dividend hunters ...
Billy Meyer
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... a great programme that shows the gross dividends
alles was man braucht
everything you need
ali mente
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everything you need
Bin ganz zufrieden, ...
I'm quite satisfied, ...
Christian Schlott
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... the app is clear and well made. The selection could be larger.
Richtige gute App...
Really good app...
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... very clear.
Ich stehe am Anfang...
I am at the beginning...
H. Krä
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... from investing just like the app, but I notice how the app motivates me to want to collect more dividends in the future. Good luck to you and keep up the good work.
Interessante App, ...
Interesting app, ...
Lukas Dietzel
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... Number of titles could be extended, but otherwise a good overview. The following error has been found: Lenzing AG (852927) has a dividend of 0€, this is not correct, please correct it.

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