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What is the myDividends24 app?

With the myDividends24 app you can access the latest dividend data of over 3000 stocks from the most important indices such as DAX, S&P 500, Dow Jones and many more.                 

Who all belongs to myDividends24?

The myDividends24 team currently consists of Mehmet, Metin, Aydin, Kolja, Burak and Tom. If you want to find out more about us, take a look at the About Us page.

What can the app do?

The myDividends24 app offers a lot of functions. The main functions are the portfolio tracker, the dividend calendar and the dividend calculator. You can find more detailed insights into our services on our homepage.              

Is the app free of charge?

The app is free of charge. For £49.99 per year, there is various premium content that is not included in the free version. Nevertheless, our free version of the app also offers enrichment for all those interested in shares.

Are there more apps in the pipeline?

In the long term, further apps and projects of Pixxie GmbH are planned. At the moment, however, we don't want to reveal too much and want to focus fully on the myDividends24 app for the time being.

How can you be reached?

You can reach us either via the contact form on the homepage, via WhatsApp or via